Derrick Morgan Interview & Legends of Ska Doc Update

Derrick Morgan

Photo by Greg Lawson

The Legends of Ska Documentary has 17 days to go to reach their Kickstarter funding goal of $15,000. They are close too! Just a little over $1000 (they are at $13,773) is missing and if it succeeds that means the production can continue on this 10 years in the making film. I would hate to think that it failed by such a small number.

The director and main creative behind the project has been posting updates to a blog including some interesting tidbits from some of the artists associated with the film. One of those pieces was an interview with Derrick Morgan back in 2000 with General Moses for Radio K (KUOM 770AM/100.7FM/104.5FM, Minneapolis, MN)

Take a few minutes to listen to this 4 part interview with Derrick Morgan below:
PART I [audio:]
PART II [audio:]
PART III [audio:]
PART IV [audio:]

Then be sure to visit the Kickstarter page now and pledge your support for this amazing project.

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