Debut Monty Morris Ska Album Now On iTunes

Monty Morris CDVintage Ska artist Eric “Monty” Morris has finally put together a debut album of new recordings of classic hits. It only took 50+ years! When “Monty” made his return trip to the stage and performing many years ago for the first time in 40 years it was at a small club in Long Beach. It was such a wonderful site. He was so happy to be performing again. You could see it in his eyes and the enjoyment he was having to be back on stage again. He was backed by the Allentons at a Steady Beat gig at an old former bank vault in Long Beach. He had so much energy for such an old man and his voice was as clear and boisterous as it had been on the old recordings from the 60’s. It was like he had never stopped singing. Well it took some more time but it seems that he has finally been able to put something together.

From the Press Release:
With a career spanning some fifty years and an equal amount of hits, it is quite surprising that Ska Legend Eric Monty Morris has never released a full length solo album. That will change on March 29, 2011 as Eric Monty Morris releases his first studio album.

The new album, part of a series called “The Living Legends Collection” (Buckley Records), will offer up brand new recordings of classic Morris hits such as “Penny Reel”, “Sammy Dead”, “Strongman Sampson”, “Oil in My Lamp”, plus seven other classic Morris songs. The first single from the project, “Into This Beautiful Garden (2011 Version),” features Sadiki and was released on March 1st in digital format.

Producer for the album is Jamaican Singer/Songwriter/Producer Sadiki, who also does a dual role as Recording and Mixing Engineer. “Doing this album was a great journey into an area of Jamaican Music that had it’s heyday in Jamaica, a bit before my time,” said Sadiki. “I’d always been a fan of Ska, but I became even more involved when I was asked to manage Mr. Morris back in early 2010. My hope for this release is that it helps to not only kick-start the fourth wave of the Ska music genre, but that it also helps to put some of the spotlight back upon traditional Ska music.

There were some challenges involved in producing the album, the major one being recreating classic songs with an updated feel so that they captivate a new audience, yet making certain that Morris’ tried and true fans would be appreciative of the new recordings. “I believe that we’ve hit the mark,” said Sadiki. The album’s eleven tracks were chosen on the basis of their popularity and how well they fit into the all-around vision for the album. European and U.K. performances are scheduled for mid-April. Through a worldwide digital distribution deal with Zojak Worldwide, “The Living Legends Collection – Eric Monty Morris” will be released in digital format on 3.29.11.

Looks like it might only be a digital release at this point. That’s all the info I’ve got so far. More as I get it. Here are the tracks:

1 Eric Monty Morris & Sadiki Beautiful Garden (feat. Sadiki)
2 Eric Monty Morris Penny Reel
3 Eric Monty Morris Sammy Dead
4 Eric Monty Morris Live As A Man
5 Eric Monty Morris Solomon Gundie
6 Eric Monty Morris What You Gonna Do
7 Eric Monty Morris Oil In My Lamp
8 Eric Monty Morris Mama Nuh Fret
9 Eric Monty Morris Humpty Dumpty
10 Eric Monty Morris Strongman Sampson
11 Eric Monty Morris Troublesome People

You can order it on iTunes now via this LINK.

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