Deal’s Gone Bad To Issue New Single, Watch Video Now

DGB Pub Rock SteadyDeal’s Gone Bad, Chicago’s leading Ska Soul outfit have always been a favorite of mine. Vocals, style, tunes, performance – it’s a perfect mix if you dig good music and they put on a show every time I see em. They’ve been working on new material and are ready for the world to hear it. They released a video for their next single called “Far From Home” which you can watch below. It’s a scorcher of soul like they do. They’ll be releasing the new single (in what might be a series of new material) on May 24 backed with a Rocksteady version of an Otis Redding classic, “These Arms of Mine” on a 7″ and digital format.

The band recorded both tracks in their own Windy City recording studio, and self-released the 7″ vinyl version in a limited edition of 500.

To accompany the lead track, video director Nick Nummerdor was recruited to direct the video which was shot at the Innertown Pub, (a place where lead singer, Todd Hembrooke can often be found on both sides of the bar.


What do you think about the new tune?

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