Club Reggae Compilation Re-issued

Club Reggae Comp Cover

I remember finding Trojan Records’ ‘Club Reggae’ compilation on vinyl in a little shop in Burbank. I think it was Atomic Records in Burbank which dealt with a lot of original press vinyl mainly from UK and Jazz circles. They had tons of stuff but just a small reggae section but it usually had some winners.

United Reggae posted this summary of the tracks included on the album

It may not be one of the strongest collections from Trojan or as revered as the ‘Tighten Up’ series, but it is till a good collection that includes the rousing ‘54-46 Was My Number’ from Toots & The Maytals, the UK #1 single from Dave Barker and Ansel Collins ‘Double Barrel’ and the clip-clop of Andy Capp’s (Lynford Anderson) spaghetti western flavoured ‘The Law’. It also captures some of the diversity in reggae styles of the era with The Fabulous Flames almost hymn like ‘Holly Holy’, the calypso steel drum, swing of Selwyn Baptiste’s ‘Mo’ Bay’ and touches of funkiness and soul on The Pioneers ‘I Need Your Sweet Inspiration’ and Hopeton Lewis and The Chosen Few ‘Boom Shaka Lacka’.

First issued in 1971, ‘Club Reggae’ was intended as the natural successor to Trojan’s ‘Tighten Up’ range, following the simple yet effective formula of highlighting the most popular tracks on the club scene of the day on one budget-priced collection.

The inaugural album proved so popular that over the next few years, a further five volumes (including one un-numbered 1974 LP bearing the title) were issued, with each featuring eye-catching sleeves that have since become regarded iconic images of the period.

Now, over 40 years since its original issue, the best-selling first volume of ‘Club Reggae’ finally makes it onto CD, with the original tape masters and artwork ensuring the release remains as faithful to the original vinyl release as possible.

1. Holly Holy – The Fabulous Flames
2. 54 46 Was My Number – Toots & The Maytals
3. Double Barrel – Dave Barker & Ansel Collins
4. Groovy Situation – Derrick Harriott
5. Take A Letter Maria – Dandy
6. Wear You To The Ball – U Roy & John Holt
7. Rivers Of Babylon – The Melodians
8. The Law – Andy Capp
9. Hitchin’ A Ride – Al T. Joe
10. (I Need Your) Sweet Inspiration – The Pioneers
11. Mo’ Bay (Montego Bay) – Selwyn Baptiste
12. Boom Shaka Laka (Boom Sha-Ka-La-Ka) – Hopeton Lewis & The Chosen Few

Source: Trojan Records

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