Boss Weekend: 40 Years of Skinheads MX

flyerMexico City has had a popping vintage reggae scene for the last few years it seems. I’ve been waiting to check it out down there but have yet to make it. Well – they’ve now scored the first North American show for Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior! Who’s jealous here?

That same show will also feature an even bigger name for you skinheads and rudies: “Mr. Symarip” Roy Elllis!

Both artists have recently (last year or so) released wonderful new albums and are well worth picking up. “Skinheads Dem A Come” (0n Jump Up Records) from Mr. Ellis and “Donde Ningun Hambre” (on Liquidator Music) from Los Granadians.

They’re calling it Boss Weekend: 40 Years of Skinheads It will feature plenty of top local selecters of course. It looks like a must attend event if you can make the trip.

Check out some of the sounds, more info and interviews even at their myspace page:

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