Boss Sounds 2 to be Published in 2012?

Back in 2009 I posted this story about a second edition of the only book that matters. Well it is now 3 years later with nothing else mentioned about the book. Copies of the book go for well over $100 and is required reading for any crop or JA music fan n general. Recently I had a talk with Dave Sanford AKA Old Wah about how he started collecting and a little history. During the discussion he shared an update on just what was happening with the book.

“For the last 3-4 years the original author of “Boss Sounds”, Marc Griffiths and myself have been working on Boss Sounds 2!

As I am a graphic designer I have re-designed the book in full colour, with 100’s and 100’s of colour scans of labels, LP artwork and other reggae related images. The whole thing has been revised and updated, plus I have contributed the same amount of recommendations that were in the original book. It stands at approx 240 pages, and unlike the original book, it has no promo stuff for other publications like the first book, the index has been dispensed with, so it really is a solid lump of information with no filler. For example, most of the reggae labels which occupied less than a page in the original book, have been expanded to a minimum of a whole page, some 2, some 4, and in the case of the main Trojan label . . . 14 pages.

A few UK sound system men have contributed pics of their rigs and a bit of information about themselves, and now there are 4 double page spreads of them right at the end of the book. Plus there are loads more little “easter eggs” scattered throughout the book as well.

I would say that there is roughly 1% of it left to finish off, Michael de Koningh is supplying some last minute bits and pieces, and then we have Hi-Res digital artwork that can go straight to the printer!

Marc and myself are just waiting for a definite answer from a publisher as we speak. If all goes well, we are hoping the book will be available in 2012. Although we have no idea about what the price will be set at yet. Obviously Marc and myself believe it will be fantastic value for money irrespective of the price.”

Since it is now 2012 I thought it best to spread the word. Let’s hope the book get published this year. Sure has been a great couple of years for books on Ska and Reggae!

What has been your favorite book to read so far??

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