Boom Shacka Lacka Lynn Tait Special

boom“Boom Shacka Lacka” is a classic track and massive hit for Hopeton Lewis of course and one of my personal favorites. The flip side of the Duke Reid UK (DR 2505) release is a sweet instrumental version “Dynamite” credite to Tommy McCook. It’s also a monthly dance party in London’s Soho! Their next event is Friday February 12th so if you’re in the area check it out.

They will be doing a Lynn Tait special for the next event. They recently included a reprint of a piece on Mr. Tait from The Beat Magazine (RIP) on their blog. Here is but a small part of that article which you can read in depth at the blog.

Rocksteady Legend Lynn Taitt
by Jim Dooley
This article originally appeared in the BEAT (Vol. 23 #5)

When one considers the biography of an artist, certain predictable patterns usually develop. This is not the case when one regards the career of Lynn Taitt. Taitt’s name became synonymous with rock-steady in the 1960s, yet he is not a Jamaican. His guitar sound became one of the most recognizable sounds in Jamaica in the 1960s, yet guitar was not the first instrument he mastered.

Equally interesting is how at the height of his popularity in Jamaica, Tait opted to permanently move to Canada. All of these aspects of his career prompt more questions than answers. What is certain is that the man, whose stellar guitar work graced countless hits by such singers as Desmond Dekker, the Melodians, Derrick Morgan, Alton Ellis, Delroy Wilson, Ken Boothe, as well as numerous others, was a major figure in the development of Jamaican music.

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