Black Market Sound System Vinyl Out Now

I love collecting vinyl. That’s a given. I try to pick up stuff whenever I can especially new young bands. I’ve known some of the guys in Black Market Sound System from their other bands mostly punk bands and some heavy hitters at that. I used to work as a bartender where all the guys hung out and we tended to talk about music. So when they started talking about their reggae project I was of course intrigued. They kept talking about it but I had soon left working at the bar and hadn’t seen anything come of the stuff they had been working on. Well then one day it happened. There was mention of new vinyl featuring a bunch of punks doing some heavy reggae!

So I ordered it up from the label May Cause Dizziness Records and waited. I got the package a couple of days later and dropped it onto the record player. As the stylus hit the first groove I was impressed. It was good. The title track “Heavy Lies The Crown” features a vaguely Clash-esque roots feel – firmly in the early 80’s punky Reggae vibe. Side B tracks “Reggae Night” and “Movin On” are slightly more soulful in a laid back style. The release features guest appearances from Jesse and Jeff from the Aggrolites too! Recommended Buy for $5.

Sample tracks from the Black Market Sound System below.

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Their bio:
Black Market Sound System is a collaboration between members of various Los Angeles based bands with an eclectic pedigree to say the least. Sharing a deep love for reggae music, BMSS was an outlet for old friends to get together, jam and have fun playing music.While in Broke Til Thursday, Sam Broke amassed a handful of ideas for reggae songs that he’d pieced together over the years.Calling in long time friends Joey Balls on bass (Old Man Markley, Youth Brigade, Blue Collar Special) and drummer Jake Margolis (Madcap, Time Again, The Briggs), Sam felt that Joey and Jake were just the guys that would truly help his vision take shape.

Once the trio started playing, there was a great energy and the songs immediately started to come to life. The result was a melodic, feel good sound, with a splash of soul and a contagiously danceable grooves.After getting great feedback from playing a few house parties and shows, the group decided to head into Steady Studios and put the songs on wax.Once again, Sam called in a favor… this time from friends Jesse Wagner and Jeff Roffredo of L.A. reggae heavyweights The Aggrolites who contributed back up vocals and harmonies. Today, Joey is constantly touring and exciting new crowds with his band Old Man Markley, while Sam and Jake continue to devote their time to BMSS. With a few new line up additions, upcoming releases, and a growing buzz, BMSS continues to spread their smooth, soulful sound and looks forward to playing live shows. This debut release is out now with a first pressing limited to 300 copies.

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