Barker Barks Out Jandisc Review

Jah Faith No Bother GrumbleAndrew Barker has dropped a review of the new Jandisc vinyl release Jah Faith & The Black Emeralds “No Bother Grumble” b/w “Humble Dub” over at our sister blog Musical Occupation.

Hear this new sound, it is the talk around town. Yeah you better stay humble.  That’s the message from the latest single to come out of Jandisc Records. “No Bother Grumble” is the message spread from a man like Jah Faith and is produced by Aggrolites alum J Bonner. Also included is a dub from the Black Emeralds.

“No Bother Grumble” opens up with a drum roll and kicks into a steppers beat. The song is a mid tempo number with heavy echoed chops from the guitar and some pumping organ grooves. Jah Faith does a Jamaican DJ chant harkening back to the mid 70?s telling you be happy with what you got.

On the B side we have a spaced out dub, compliments from the Jandisc house band The Black Emeralds. The band includes members from Hepcat, the Aggrolites, The Vessels, and more. The echoed vocals and processed snippets of organ hypnotize the listener as the drum crashes through out . The Steppers beat phases between organ and guitar  work with snippets of the lyrics coming through. While the version is no King Tubby production it is decent, however  I think its takes a simple approach and could have been stretched out more.

The final verdict is that “No Bother Grumble” is a throwback to roots music. It’s has the classic elements including the hissing and popping but it feels like something is missing. The best way I can describe it is as if the song is a version with out the original, if that makes sense. It is still a good summer time song to wind up your hips to and I look forward to hearing more from Jah Faith and Jandisc.

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