Bakersfield Skinhead Reggae with The Tarfons

The Tarfons

Bakersfield, CA has long been home to many a skinhead it seems and there have been a few bands that have come out of there as well. Why? The weather? Not much else to do – cut off from civilization? Who knows and it doesn’t matter – just enjoy the sounds that do come out when they do. The Soulsteppers (who will have a new release coming out soon from the Reggae 69 Fan Club & Moondust Records) were from Bakersfield. Well there’s a new outfit in town (and already members have left to other parts of Cali) and it seems The Tarfons have something to say.

They’ve sent over a tune for us to share with you. Here’s their song “Marie”.

The band has only a hand full of gigs under their belts so far but they’ve gotten positive reviews already. Thug Rocker Clothing posted a review of their Aug 13th Killer Clam show with LA Oi band The Warlords (also a good band to check out!) where they had this to say:

The Tarfons have that classic skinhead reggae sound. Imagine finding a secret stash of Trojan tracks that for some reason or another were never released. If your imagining that, this could very well be that sound. Don’t believe me? Feel free to check out a few of their songs online.

To get the crowd transitioned from Oi! To Reggae The Tarfons started out with ‘Skinhead: A Message To You’ which went over fantastic. Frontman Jesse has a voice that does not match his appearance at all. Which, from all the big head jokes that were flying around may be a good thing? All that is forgotten though the moment he starts to sing. He has an amazing voice.

The Tarfons played through their normal set of Marie (Please Tell Me), Stronger, Solitude and a couple more. The Tarfons being a relatively new band have an awesome future ahead of them if they stick things out. Usually people associate Bakersfield and the words ‘skinhead reggae’ with The Soulsteppers. It looks like Bakersfield now has their 2nd set of heroes bringing that classic sound back to life.

Check out this video of them playing live and you make the call.

Connect with em on the book and tell em we sent ya. Leave a comment here about their song. Did you like it? What do you think? It could be good for the soul leaving a message.

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