Alpha Boys School Film

Alpha Boys School SignI found this trailer for a documentary being made about the Alpha Boys School in Jamaica sometime last year. I held onto posting it though as I wanted to know more about the production, what was happening, was it moving forward etc. I reached out to the listed producer, Adam Reeves, in the credits included with the clip and he responded rather quickly at the time which was nice.

Adam politely let me know that everything was being kept under wraps at the moment for various reasons. Mostly the people behind the film didn’t want to jinx anything by talking about it before it really gets going and the inherent issues with dealing with anything or anyone related to the Jamaican music scene being the other main reason. It’s definitely a project everyone involved so far wants to see done and they are taking their time to make sure everything is done right. Not much else is known besides what is in the clip.

Adam recently posted to his facebook page “looking for a nice 3/4 bedroom property in S, SW or W London to rent between 22nd and 31st March for a US documentary producer with a crew of five…” so that is good news at least that things are moving forward.

There was some even bigger and better developments though recently. The director, Daniel Junge, just won an Oscar for best documentary short, ‘Saving Face‘, at the 2012 Oscars! Let’s hope that helps him get this film made now the right way. It’s of course such an interesting story with plenty of story lines they could take it in.

For now take a few minutes and watch the preview trailer embedded below which was released way back on July 23, 2009 which means things could change as the film is goes through production. The clip does give you an idea of the focus and tone of the proposed film though and is worth taking a look at. If you’ve got an Oscar-winning director at the helm for a film about a honest to god Jamaican institution and a foundation for so many great musicians then you’ve gotta be on the right track.

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