Aggrolites Rugged Road Update: New Video, New Vinyl, BBC Takeover!

Aggrolites Young Cub Records 45

The Aggrolites new collection is about to drop and they’ve already released two 45’s on Young Cub Records out of Boston. You can get those now from their site. And you should too! It’s a double punch of Aggro style goodies. The first releases “Dreamin On Erie b/w Eye Of Obarbas” & “Trial And Error b/w Enemy Dub” are what you would expect from the boys – solid shots of JA influenced modern soul reggae stompers and laid back rocksteaedy riddims.

Rugged Road, the new album, was produced with Craig “DubFader” Welsch (Slightly Stoopid, John Brown’s Body, 10 Ft Ganja Plant) and that might have long time fans worried. Those acts are shall we say “outside the realm of anyone we thought would EVER produce an Aggrolites’ record”.

The Aggrolites

This marks the first time that really anyone other than the guys in the band have had their hands on the knobs. Not to worry though as those fears are unfounded as the tracks sound fresh and Aggro-licious indeed.

Tatman on the Dancing Mood Forum had this to say about the new tracks and that sums it up pretty good.

  • “Dreaming on Erie” is a laid-back swinging reggae instrumental that has a bit of a surf feel (but don’t think MOAM)
  • “Eye of Obarbas” is more upbeat than “Dreaming on Erie”. It’s an organ-led instrumental that builds to a small crescendo
  • “Trial and Error” is a slow vocal. Jesse sings in a nice falsetto
  • “Enemy Dub” is a slow spacey dub w/ sporadic vocals

This past Friday Roger Rivas had the chance to sit with Mike Davies of the Lock Up Show on BBC Radio 1. He played some of his favorite tunes and talked about the new releases. Its a Reggae Take Over!!
Listen to that HERE.

And now for your viewing pleasure is your first chance to hear something from the new album as well as a brand new video! Check out “Complicated Girl” below.

The new release Rugged Road is set to be released on February 22nd. That is a wonderful birthday gift guys! Thanks for thinking of me right. If that wasn’t enough then they also recently dropped this little nugget: “We are currently working on a LIVE album for you guys! It will bring the dirty reggae energy right to you! More info to come soon.” I’ll leave you with that for today.

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