Aggrolites Rugged Road 45 Set Available Now

Young Cub Records have finally released all 5 vinyl 7 inches of The Aggrolites Rugged Road sessions. They are available now for a special offer deal of $25.99 on their site here.

These are the releases available:
– “Trial and Error” b/w “Enemy Dub”
– “Dreamin on Erie” b/w “Eye of Obarbas”
– “The Aggro Band Plays On” b/w “Camel Rock”
– “In the Cut” b/w “The Heat”
– “Complicated Girl” b/w “Out of Sight”

LP/CD versions are also available.

Connect with Young Cub Records via their website, Twitter or Facebook.

Check out the official “Complicated Girl” video below then stream the whole album after that.

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