Ring In The New Year! Aggrolites Don’t Let Us Down

The Aggrolites \"Dirty Reggae\"The Aggrolites are our boys to say the least. We’ve seen them arise from the ashes of the Rhythm Doctors to backing up Derrick Morgan to touring with Madness and Dropkick Murphy’s to tours all over Europe and beyond. They are playing with Flogging Molly tonight in fact in Denver to ring in the new year. I’m sure they’re having a blast. What a gig that must be!

They are also preparing their fourth disc for release on Hellcat Records for sometime next year and we are waiting patiently for some new tunes. Always a electric live show with amazing covers and out right floor filling foot stomping originals. They’ve been able to gain fans from all across the spectrum of music lovers including young (thanks to their laugh out loud Banana song on Nick’s Yo Gabba Gabba, brought to you by Christian Jacobs of Aquabats fame) and old, reggae lovers and punks alike.

Well a post come up today of a review of their recent San Francisco show. SF is kinda like a second home to them, home to their first record label Axe, their good buddies the Impalers (also of Axe Records and a WONDERFUL band to boot!) and a regular stop for them when they tour.

There’s a nice scene of scooterists, reggaephiles and skinheads there which is always good and makes for great shows. The review isn’t so much a review of the show but more of the writer relating his personal experience of finding ska and The Aggrolites in particular. It’s an interesting read.

Check it out here: www.masnick.com/2008/12/31/aggrolites-definitely-didnt-let-us-down

The newest Scoot! Magazine (Issue 48, covering all things Scootering related – vintage and new – of course) has a one page update on the Aggrolites. The cover features Deputy James Garcia (well the actor that plays him anyway) of Reno 911! fame who is himself a scooterist. I love that show even more now! They’ve always had a big following with the scooter crowd having done more then a few rally events here and in the UK over the last few years. The best was probably the Isle of Wight scooter rally which is one of the biggest.

While also on the subject of the Aggrolites we’ll go ahead and include this video of a full concert from 2006 in Amsterdam that I’m sure many of you have seen already. It’s from an awesome site where full streaming concerts are uploaded in high quality. Check out the live Flogging Molly and Madness videos as well.

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.