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9 Days Left for Reggae 69 Hear Exclusive Track Produced By Brian Dixon from The Aggrolites


Art by Chema Skandal

It’s called the Reggae 69 Fan Club and it’s got music from top modern artists playing in the style of that glorious year. The Revivers, The Bullets, The Impalers, Irie Beats and more are recording music and tributes to artists of the past. You might not have heard any of these bands yet (you should have though as we’ve written about then before!) which is fine but just know they are top modern acts doing their best to pay tribute to their idols.

The Revivers have been profiled on this site before, the Impalers are keeping the flame burning in San Francisco, The Bullets feature Malik from the Lions & Roger from the Aggrolites and the Irie Beats features members of great standing for current bands Arise, The Expandersm See Spot and Hepcat!

To get the ball rolling on this new project a fundraising campaign was set up. It’s simple – pre-order your set of 6 vinyl releases now and get bonus exclusives like buttons, bonus vinyl, stickers, shirts, etc. This is reggae for the people and there are ONLY 9 days left till the campaign ends. Check out the page at Kickstarter which will explain in more detail what you can get and the great exclusives for pledging money now.

Wanna hear one of the first tracks from the Reggae 69 Fan Club? Open your ears to this “lost” Irie Beats track produced by Brian Boom Boom Dixon from The Aggrolites!

Want to hear more new music from top reggae bands instead of the same old song and dance show your support for Reggae 69!

Remember that image at the top of this post? Wonder what that is? Well that’s the limited edition art print from Chema Skandal that’s part of the set if you pre-order it now. Looks great right? There’s more stuff to be had as exclusives – just visit the Kickstarter page

Please share with your friends on Facebook,, your email lists and anywhere else you think it might help to spread the word – it’s reggae for the people!

Still want more? LISTEN TO THE REVIVERS (who are also recording tracks) on this podcast as well as a little interview about the Fan Club here – http://soundcloud.com/dubrobot/intensified-the-revivers

CHECK THE Kickstarter Page NOW!

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.