2000 Tons of TNT Explodes with Debut Collection

2000 Tons of TNT "Reggae Mysteria" Album CoverSan Diego, CA has birthed a mysterious and wickedly ruthless organ-drenched band of misfits. Forming early last year the band took their name from an early Reggae skinhead anthem released on Trojan Blue Cat in 1969 by the G.G. All-Stars. Only playing a few select gigs after forming, they quickly jumped into the studio and earlier this year released their debut collection.

The band has it’s pulse firmly pumping to early Reggae pioneers such as The Upsetters, Symarip, The Pioneers and labels such as Trojan and Pama as well as more modern masters such as The Aggrolies, The Revivers, The Impalers and The Delirians. There’s also just a hint, a dash, of 60’s surf-rock thrown in the mix.

The collection Reggae Mysteria includes 11 mostly instrumental tunes. There is enough variety in the compositions to make the album not feel forced or redundant though. There’s a soul infused tune (track 3 “Shot In The Dark” which is NOT a cover of the classic) and even one sung in Spanish (track 7 “¿Adónde Vamos?”). Clocking in at just over 30 minutes it’s a nice set that doesn’t drone on and on with 19 plus tracks with a bunch of filler. Nope this is all killer!

1. Reggae Mysteria 02:48
2. Cougar Communion 02:03
3. Shot in the Dark 03:12
4. Tiger Uppercut 02:24
5. Cleansing Sound 02:45
6. Rabo de Toro 03:03
7. ¿Adónde Vamos? 02:46
8. Electric Pyramid 03:28
9. How Long Will it Take? 02:46
10. Theme For Ambu 02:17
11. I’m Feeling Lonely 03:34

You can purchase for JUST $8 you can download Reggae Mysteria on their BandCamp page or purchase a CD at an upcoming live show. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Here’s one track from their debut album in video form.

Connect with them on their website 2000tons.com, Facebook or Twitter pages.

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.