2000 Tons of TNT Bring A Wonky Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Digital Single Cover2000 Tons of TNT have been making some sweet funky reggae music and packing serious heat when they play live in San Diego over the last couple of years. They just opened for Keith & Tex in Los Angeles over the weekend in fact and I’ve mentioned before about them being one of the new hot young acts to watch out for.

The band have been keeping busy of course hard at work recording tunes for what will become their follow-up to their debut full length Reggae Mysteria that was self-released last year.

They recently dropped a digital single featuring two of these newly recorded gems, “Harvest Moon” and “Wonky”, via their Bandcamp page. You can download in all kinds of formats and it’s even NAME YOUR OWN PRICE!

The tunes are boots planted firmly on the dance floor reggae stompers in the ’69 style and don’t disappoint. They even dedicated the release to Lloyd Charmers who recently passed away.

Now I love the vinyl of course and would love to have these available to me in that way but as you know it’s a little tougher these days and just getting a band to record and get new music out is hard enough. So I give these cats major love for doing this. I think it’s a great way to build some excitement for any band.

You can hear the two tracks below via youtube clips then head over to their bandcamp page and drop em some love AKA cold hard cash or in this case, at least, some digital funds to help keep the musical explorations coming.

If these 2 new tracks don’t convince to give these musical merry makers a try then well you just don’t like reggae and probably aren’t reading this blog anyway.

“Harvest Moon”


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