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  • New Deal’s Gone Bad Heartbreak & Shadows On The Way

    New Deal’s Gone Bad Heartbreak & Shadows On The Way

    DGB Heartbreak & ShadowsIt’s been 6 years since Deal’s Gone Bad released “The Ramblers”, and we’ve spent a good long chunk of that time on the road bringing this album to your doorstep with countless tours and festival performances. Folks, it’s been a blast and it’s time to do it all again!

His Story Of US Ska


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    Laurel Parker (Mobley Street Productions) recently directed a new video for Roy Ellis released on Liquidator Music. I’m a big fan pf Liquidator. They have a management arm that deals with a bunch of Jamaican legends. They of course release some of the best music coming out right now too. Toni is the man in charge of this magical musical bus. Laurel thought it would be fun to get him to answer a few questions about Roy, the label, himself and the state of digital music today. So get on the bus gus and let’s ride!

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